Horseshoe nails since 1923

Four generations devoted to farriery

More than 100 kinds and sizes available

Nails for every discipline and for every horseshoe

Handicraft and technological innovation

Natural evolution in order to always keep up with the times

Mondial shoeing nails: now at the fourth generation

The metallurgical company Rusconi started producing nails back in 1923.

The company will soon celebrate its hundredth anniversary, a success due to the constant quality of products and service offered to customers.
The spread of Mondial nails in international markets shows the reliability of their products.

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A constantly evolving product line in step with market needs.

Mondial’s Horseshoe Nails are 100% made in Italy and are realized with careful craftmanship and state of the art equipment. The result is a full range of nails (both european and american style) that counts more than 100 kinds and sizes for every need.

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New packaging with a completely revamped design


The new Mondial package line is available in classic formats.

BOX OF 500 pieces

1 CARTON contains
8 boxes of 500 pieces

BOX OF 250 pieces

1 CARTON contains
16 boxes of 250 pieces

BOX OF 100 pieces

1 CARTON contains
24 boxes of 100 pieces

Events and news

Equi-meeting in Le Pin-au-Haras

Mondial Horse Nails will take part to the “Equi-Meeting” in Le Pin-au-Haras (France) this year too.

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Mondial at the Luwex Hufsymposium

Mondial Horse Nails will attend the “Luwex Hufsymposium” in Amberg, Germany.

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Concurso Nacional de Herraje y Forja de Andalucia

Mondial Horse Nails will take part at the “Concurso Nacional de Herraje y Forja de Andalucia” in Andujar.

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Mondial at “Salone del cavallo Americano” fair

Mondial Horse Nails will join in May the “Salone del cavallo Americano” in Cremona.

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